The Unending Gift

Someone told me recently their life, over the past two years, resembles a Costco-sized package of disappointment and sadness. Unexpected death, financial loss, and severed family relationships have walked hand in hand with the strains of life during a pandemic. With a heavy heart, he told me “I am having a hard time tracing the rainbow through the rain.”

In Deuteronomy 32:51-52, God told Moses he will not step foot in the land of Promise (he saw it from a distance). I am positive he handled this news better than if I had received it. My heart would have vacillated between sadness and anger. Knowing my rebellious nature, I might have recited all the things I did for Israel and protested quite vehemently the unfairness of it all. The heartbreaking nature of such news would have been soul crushing. Scripture does not record Moses’ response.

When we arrive at the story of the transfiguration of Christ in Mark 9, guess who appears on the scene? It is none other than the Prince of Egypt. Guess where he is standing? That’s right, he has both feet firmly planted on a mountaintop in the Promise Land. It is not the main point of that juncture in God’s Word, but the significance of such mercy is special.

Our Redeemer, the One who is greater than Moses and Elijah, is always mindful of his people. Always. He continually prays for us. Yes, even as you are reading this. The storms of this life, no matter how dark, cannot thwart the gracious plans a benevolent King has for you. His oversized, unending gift to us is his love which will never let us go – in this life and the next. Just ask Moses.