Life is filled with many wonderful things. There is simply nothing better than a day at the lake or the sound and smell of crackling wood in a fireplace. A really good book is a treasure for many or a perfectly grilled steak. Some people enjoy a long hike in the woods or the sound of crashing waves. One of the things I cherish is coaching kids – their smiles, energy, and dreams are a blessing.

This past week, I found myself in the middle of a field melting in the oppressive August sun. I believe our team of fifth graders dropped more passes in one practice than Alabama will all year. I think we jumped offsides more than all the SEC teams combined this past weekend. It was unbelievably frustrating.

When practice was over, I walked off the field with my head held low. Suddenly, a player ran by me, patted me on the back, and thanked me for coaching. Another gave me a fist bump with a gigantic smile on his face. As I drove away with my son, he said, “Practice is the best and so are you.” In that moment, everything seemed right with the world. Touchdown.

Our lives can often seem like a terrible scrimmage and God has thrown his visor on the ground in disgust. There are missed blocks, blown tackles, poorly thrown balls, and too many fumbles to count. For those in Christ, the ESPN worthy, surprising news is that the scoreboard is in your favor. The Father doesn’t see your failures but the perfection of His Son (Romans 5:1-2). He loves and ministers to us because we are on His team (Romans 5:3). We can celebrate in the end zone because of what our older brother has accomplished (Romans 5:11). His triumph is our triumph (Romans 5:17).