Worship at Trinity

Even though we do not meet in a typical church building, we are confident that God is present with us in worship. Our service is a gathering place for hurting, exhausted, broken people to find a new start and new life in King Jesus. Everyone is welcome because our God is merciful and forgiving.

At Trinity, our worship service is God-centered, Gospel-orientated, Trinitarian, and Biblical:


Our worship is all about the supremacy, holiness, and majesty of God who has redeemed His people from sin, misery, and death.


Everything we do in worship speaks of the good news that Kingdom of God has come bringing grace, forgiveness, and redemption in Christ.

Focused on the Trinity

God-centered worship is in the name of the Trinity. We praise the Father who loved us before the creation of the world. We glorify the Son who came to redeem us at the request of the Father. We celebrate the Holy Spirit who gives us new hearts so we can experience the saving grace of our Lord, both now and forever.


Our service is guided by the Word of God. It informs all that we say and do. We believe that it is the only rule for faith and life.

Worship Time and Location

We meet at 10:00 am on Sundays at the Schilling Farms YMCA in Collierville, Tennessee. Our service is typically one hour. Our entrance is to the left of the main YMCA entrance. There will be signs directing you where to go upon arrival.